Casey Nealon,

a copywriter.

Little Debbie

Children’s obsession with Little Debbie is natural, but for adults it’s called addiction.

Copywriter : Casey Nealon

Art Director : Sumner Mahaffey


Learning from Skillshare is almost a little too easy. Let’s keep it our little secret.

for kicks and giggles

Here’s the first draft of the script, where the AI is evil and has sinister plans to take over the world.

Copywriter : Casey Nealon

Art Director : Cooper Epps

Director : KC Sosa

DP : Brandon Hemsley

Producer : Claire Jensen


Everybody hates getting spammed—until they get spammed by Spam Brand.


Copywriter : Casey Nealon

Art Director : Chad Corbin

Content Creator : Chance Hansen

Orville Redenbacher

How we watch movies is changing. How we eat popcorn should change too.

Copywriter : Casey Nealon

Art Director : Camryn Rupa

Content Creator : Zach Olsen

Little Caesars

In the time it takes to look at these time-wasters, you could get a Hot-N-Ready pizza.

YouTube Pre-Roll

Social Media


Copywriter : Casey Nealon

Art Director : Chad Corbin


Coded from scratch.

Because I hate myself.

Me vs.
late night insecurities

I can’t open my mouth more than two inches.

It’s kind of embarrassing.

Me being birthed into the industry.

Nerd flexing at its finest.

I take movies seriously enough to actually pick out my top 10 like some kinda wannabe critic.

I have a mole on my forehead that I use to measure the progress of my receding hairline.

My modest board game collection is my pride and joy.

This fiery redhead keeps me in check.

When I was five, I ate ketchup & jelly sandwiches.

You know, for attention.

I’ve performed publically with eight instruments, but not at the same time.

What a handsome fella.

I don’t care that you’re tired of Marvel movies.
Don’t @ me.

I got a minor in copyediting before I realized how boring it was.

Best time:

45 seconds

I won $6 in my sixth grade costume contest.


Casey Eliot—
Plump bubble cheeks,
Jibber jabber is how he speaks.
Cuddly love,
Hugs and a kiss,
Teeter totter,
Total bliss.
Mischievous imp,
No, no, no,
Hide and seek,
Ring around the rosy,
Beep, beep, beep.
Buzz, buzz, buzz,
Like a bumble bee,
Casey Eliot—
My baby forever to be.

—Kim Nealon

My mom published a poem about me when I was a baby.


I wrote a haiku for every single movie I’ve ever seen. All 670+ of them (and counting).

Some of my Favorites

Here’s the Rest on twitter